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17. září 2008 v 21:32 | Janhé |  My Chemical Romance
To our friends,

The Black Parade is Dead! is coming. We are really proud of it and hope
you love it as much as we do. Unfortunately, because we are
perfectionists and would never let anything get to you that was not the
very best, it has been delayed by a week. There was a strange glitch in
the Mexico City performance due to some electronic something or other.
But it is fixed. So now it is going to be in stores on July 1. To all of
our pre-order and special packaging buddies, you will not need to do
anything different. It will get to you in tip top shape. We saw the
special package last week. You are so happy if you got this.
You are happy if you didn't get it too, but wow is it incredible.
We hope that all of you understand and thank you in advance. It is
really awesome to know that you will.

We will keep you updated on things as they come. We will start writing
very soon.



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